Il marchio denominativo < V10 > per telefoni mobili è descrittivo e quindi non registrabile

Così il Tribunale UE 15.02.2023, T-741/21, LG Electronics inc. v. EUIPO-ZTE Deutschland GmbH .

<< 37   It is apparent from the documents submitted by the intervener and on which the Board of Appeal relied that alphanumeric combinations are frequently used in the field of mobile phones and smart phones. The Court also notes that those combinations are generally in the form of the letter ‘v’ followed by a number in ascending order, according to the year or month in which the mobile telephone or smart phone is launched on the market.

38 Since the goods covered by the contested mark are ‘Smart phones; Mobile phones; [and] Wearable smart phones’, it is clear that, when faced with those devices identified by the sign V10, the relevant public will give it the meaning which it has in a technological context. That public will understand that it refers to the abbreviation of the word ‘version’, followed by the version number of the goods in question. The alphanumeric combination ‘v10’ of the contested mark will therefore easily be understood by the relevant public as being intended to identify the tenth version of those goods.

39 Thus, the alphanumeric combination composed of the letter ‘v’ followed by a number indicates to the relevant public a characteristic of the goods at issue relating to their technological evolution and seeks to identify the different versions of those goods, as a variant of the earlier or later forms, which most likely incorporates certain modifications. (…)

It follows from the foregoing that the intervener put forward compelling evidence that the contested mark V10 had, for the relevant public, a sufficiently direct and specific relationship with the goods at issue by referring, inter alia, to several printouts from websites, from which it is apparent that the letter ‘v’ is clearly an abbreviation of the word ‘version’ and that the number which follows it refers to the number of the version in question >>.