Bozza di regolamento EU sul mercato dei criptoassets

Il 12 aprile 2023 è stata pubblicata la proposta di regolamento UE (COM(2020)0593 – C9-0306/2020 – 2020/0265(COD)) di disciplina dei “markets in crypto-assets”  (149 articoli, file pdf da 566 pagg!).

si applica “to natural and legal persons and certain other undertakings that are engaged in the issuance, offer to the public and admission to trading of crypto-assets or that provide services related to crypto-assets in the Union”, art. 2.1.

Il reg. infatti vuole porre <<uniform requirements for the offer to the public and admission to trading on a trading platform of crypto-assets other than assetreferenced  tokens and e-money tokens, of asset-referenced tokens and of e-money tokens, as well as requirements for crypto-asset service providers>>, art. 1.1.

‘Crypto-asset’ significa “a digital representation of a value or of a right that is able
to be transferred and stored electronically using distributed ledger technology
or similar technology”, art. 3.1.(5).