Bozza di regolamento EU sul mercato dei criptoassets

Il 12 aprile 2023 è stata pubblicata la proposta di regolamento UE (COM(2020)0593 – C9-0306/2020 – 2020/0265(COD)) di disciplina dei “markets in crypto-assets”  (149 articoli, file pdf da 566 pagg!).

si applica “to natural and legal persons and certain other undertakings that are engaged in the issuance, offer to the public and admission to trading of crypto-assets or that provide services related to crypto-assets in the Union”, art. 2.1.

Il reg. infatti vuole porre <<uniform requirements for the offer to the public and admission to trading on a trading platform of crypto-assets other than assetreferenced  tokens and e-money tokens, of asset-referenced tokens and of e-money tokens, as well as requirements for crypto-asset service providers>>, art. 1.1.

‘Crypto-asset’ significa “a digital representation of a value or of a right that is able
to be transferred and stored electronically using distributed ledger technology
or similar technology”, art. 3.1.(5).

Le criptovalute presenti nei conti aperti con Celsius apaprtengono a questa e non al titolare del conto (il contratto parla chiaro!)

Così il UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF NEW YORK 4 gennaio 2023 in sede fallimentare n° Case No. 22-10964 (MG), CELSIUS NETWORK LLC, et al., giudice Glenn

<<The issues before the Court are (a) whether the Terms of Use are a contract by which
complete title and ownership of Earn Assets transferred from Account Holders to Celsius when
the Account Holders deposited cryptocurrency in their Earn Accounts; and (b) if so, whether the
Debtors may sell stablecoins in the ordinary course of business or outside the ordinary course of
For the reasons detailed below, the Court finds, on the evidence before it, that the Terms
of Use formed a valid, enforceable contract between the Debtors and Account Holders, and that
the Terms unambiguously transfer title and ownership of Earn Assets deposited into Earn
Accounts from Accounts Holders to the Debtors. The Court also finds that stablecoins, like
other Earn Assets, are property of the Estates and the Debtors may sell the stablecoins outside of
the ordinary course of business to provide liquidity for these Chapter 11 proceedings>>.

Che poi precisa:
<<To be clear, this finding does not mean holders of Earn Assets will get nothing from the
Debtors.26 Account Holders have unsecured claims against the Debtors in dollars or in kind
(depending on the terms of any confirmed plan). The amount of allowed unsecured claims is
subject to later determination in this case (through the claims allowance process) and may
potentially include damages asserted by Account Holders, including breach of contract, fraud or
other theories of liability>>

V. pagina del sito web della corte (link  a fondo pagina) e link diretto al pdf della  sentenza.